UnBiased Digital Engagement Account Terms and Conditions

By registering for an UnBiased Digital Engagement Account you agree and adhere to the following rules and protocol; in addition, these terms may be updated or altered at any point in time without notice at UnBiased Digital’s complete discretion.
A UBD Engagement Account emphasizes an understanding that a creation of this account is acknowledging UnBiased Digital or any affiliated party may NOT responsible or liable for any inappropriate content, language, and/or visuals posted by other users. UnBiased Digital encourages, as well as vigorously enforces acceptance of freedom of speech for all. That being said, UnBiased Digital does NOT condone and will NOT accept hate speech towards any group or individual in any form. UnBiased Digital retains the right to intervene with any content or behavior that may be seen as controversial and/or inappropriate at its complete discretion; this includes an immediate suspension or expulsion of any account if consistent contradiction of these documented terms become imminent. Users are solely responsible for any and all provided content that may include but are not limited to written blog posts, uploaded graphics, uploaded video content, uploaded audio content, content comments, as well as any further conversational activity taken place on unbiaseddigital.com and all its connected affiliates.