The UnBiased Mission

UnBiased Digital was created to provide a variety of content in a wide array of digital formats. All content, including external extensions attempt to focus on a neutral, unbiased delivery.

The project places emphasis on the enforcement of entertainment value, while encouraging insightful and innovative thought. It is this broad concept that all UBD content looks to uphold consistently while striving to reach an overall mission that produces content all audiences can enjoy with endearment.

Furthermore, UnBiased Digital (as well as all attached entities) is still classified as an experimental project that looks to provide constant innovation to provide relevant & entertaining content in a variety of formats & delivery methods.

The UnBiased Code

Utilization of this website, and all UnBiased Digital published extensions is acknowledging that you (the welcomed visitor) firmly understand & accept all of the following:
  • Avoiding Linear Thinking. – Linear thinking limits creativity, ideas, and intellectual value. There’s also a likelihood it would be delivering a biased opinion rather than an unbiased perspective. A situation, topic, trend, etc. should be evaluated completely with a detailed collection of analyzed data from all potential angles, followed by an inserted unbiased perspective accordingly.
  • Provided Perspectives With Welcomed Opinions – An unbiased perspective will never include personal beliefs without stating as such beforehand. For example, if an unbiased perspective is examining a social/political issue, it’s obligation would be to present the opinion of both sides, and clearly differentiate that this is an opinion for the majority of side A, as well as side B respectfully. That being said, contradicting opinions help enforce a true unbiased perspective, and are not only welcomed, but encouraged.
  • An ‘UnBiased’ Delivery – In today’s world many feel it is required that information be softly relayed for personal accommodation. UnBiased Digital content was NOT curated to accommodate one’s feelings or personal beliefs. The beauty of the project at hand is understanding all content is presented with a clear attempt of neutrality. Opinions may be presented, but not without an effective counter, or stating it’s an opinion beforehand.
  • Insight That Encourages Innovation – Providing new forms of thought, insight, and ideas are some of the main focal points for all presented content. Topics may be familiar, but rather than analyze and review what you’ve already heard numerous times before, the task at hand is to provide a unique perspective that may not be highlighted in current mainstream media.
  • Provide Entertainment Value – UnBiased Digital content is always curated for enjoyment. Neutrality and quality always remain a highlighted staple, but without compromising entertainment value.
  • Originality- A personal promise that all distributed & published content is 100% original. This entails strategic planning, execution, and distribution with utmost honesty & sincerity. It is guaranteed that any piece of content (and all that it may claim) that carries the ‘UnBiased Digital’ name is always crafted with true originality.
Andrew M. Levy
Creator/Head of Operations, UnBiased Digital