The UnBiased Code

An ‘UnBiased’ Delivery – In today’s world, many feel it is required that information be softly relayed for personal accommodation. UnBiased Digital content was NOT curated to accommodate one’s feelings or personal beliefs. The beauty of the project at hand is understanding all content is presented with a clear attempt of neutrality. 

Insight That Encourages Innovation – Providing new forms of thought, insight, and ideas are vital focal points for any published content. Topics may be familiar, but rather than analyze and review what you’ve already heard numerous times before, the task at hand is to provide a unique perspective that may not be highlighted in current mainstream media.

Providing Entertainment Value – UnBiased Digital content is always curated for enjoyment. Neutrality and quality always remain a highlighted staple, but without compromising entertainment value.

Originality- A personal promise that all distributed & published content is 100% original. It is guaranteed that any piece of content that carries the ‘UnBiased Digital’ name is always crafted with sincerity & true originality.

Andrew M. Levy
Creator/Head of Operations, UnBiased Digital