Effective Advertising

What constitutes a successful marketing campaign? Wait, better yet, what constitutes a successful advertisement in general?

Believe it or not, those short 15 second video ads you see on YouTube are conducted & executed through countless amounts of research that attempts to create not only an advertisement, but in hopes that the audience will see it as a piece of enjoyable entertainment.

We live in a world where advertisements are mostly frowned upon, companies need to be more creative & innovative than ever before to not only find potential success, but ultimately achieve ideal results that see sustainability & longevity that an audience will endure.

This exclusive blog series plans to dive deeper into what elements formulate an effective advertisement & overall marketing campaign. The series plans to highlight & analyze various vital tactics marketers & advertisers have used in the past, what they currently use today, and what they will utilize tomorrow.

Part 1: The Greatest Challenge
What is a marketer’s greatest challenge to create an ad/campaign that will find success?

Part 2: Audience Acquisition
Plain and simple, you need an audience that you’re looking to relay a message to. The question one might have is how to carefully target a proper demographic for the message attempted to be relayed.

Part 3: A Message Beyond The Message
Advertisements need to have a purpose, they need to have a primary message that can connect to their targeted audience. However, a message’s tone can undermine the specific message itself.

Part 4: Innovative Distribution 
A decade ago, advertisers had limited options and resources to reach a targeted audience. The new digital age has enforced a new way to market, and most importantly, make audiences more accessible than ever before.

Part 5: New Age Strategy & Tactics

With so many forms of new age media, marketing has expanded & transitioned from a 30 second spot on television, a standard print ad, or a highway billboard to a multidimensional universe that’s widely embraced around the globe.

This five part series will provide an in-depth analogy of the basics, as well as vital specifics when it comes to formulating advertising content of any kind.

So take a deep breath, while this introduction remains brief, all five content editions that will shortly follow have plenty to cover.

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