Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month will be a recurring segment under blog, “UnBiased Television” that will provide monthly TV content that has been determined (for one reason or another) to be worthy of “binging.” While mainstream shows such as Game of Thrones, The Office, Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, etc., might very well be considered a “binge worthy” piece of entertainment, the focus of this segment is to provide inconspicuous quality television.

May 2019: The Expanse

Original Networks: Sy-Fy & Amazon Prime

Binging: 3 seasons (36 episodes) 4th season to air on Amazon Prime

Where To Binge: Amazon Prime

Brief Synopsis

Based off The Expanse novels, this thrilling, intellectual series provides a future that sees a colonized solar system hundreds of years into the future. Civilization beyond the outskirts of Earth, The Belt (Asteroid Belt) has been colonized & is home to The Belter, and Mars has become an independent military force. The show follows & deliberates between the UN of Earth, Mars, and The Belt, as they all try to harmoniously live within Galaxy. Spoiler: “try” is the keyword here.

Why It’s A Must Binge

To start, sci-fi lovers will appreciate the genre dedication, and attention to detail. It’s a show that requires a viewer’s utmost attention, so if you’re looking for something to just kind of play in the background where you can look up every few minutes (and still understand what’s going on), this show isn’t for you.

The unique premise based off of James S. A. Corey’s novels is a primary consideration when tuning in, as the series is a genuine sci-fi tale. What separates The Expanse from many others from this genre is its focus on dialogue, visual effects, and character development. It’s not a sci-fi show that is focused on countless explosions, alien invasions, or zombie attacks. It’s likely one of the most intelligent sci-fi TV productions to date.

Final Word

The show aired its first 3 seasons on Sy-Fy, and after finding a cult following, the show was recently saved from a destined cancellation by Amazon. Current viewers should be thrilled with this outcome, as Amazon’s wallet is likely more willing to provide a larger budget than that of Sy-Fy’s. It will be interesting to see if an increased production budget & value is evident in season 4.

As for the show’s content itself, patience, attention to detail, and a thirst for a sci-fi adventure like no other is what one needs to enjoy this series in its entirety.

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