Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month will be a recurring segment under blog, “UnBiased Television” that will provide monthly TV content that has been determined (for one reason or another) to be worthy of “binging.” While mainstream shows such as Game of Thrones, The Office, Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, etc., might very well be considered a “binge worthy” piece of entertainment, the focus of this segment is to provide inconspicuous quality television.

September 2019: Falling Skies

Original Network: TNT

Binging: 52 Episodes (5 Seasons)

Where To Binge: Amazon Prime

Brief Synopsis

Another post-apocalyptic series sees a small group of survivors attempt to fend off an invasion from out of this world. The series stars Noah Wyle, a former history professor who becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia, as a group of civilians and “fighters” desert the Boston area seeking any form of asylum following a massive alien invasion that has caused chaotic devastation throughout the planet.

Why It’s A Must Binge

First, understand that this is a show executive produced by Stephen Spielberg, that should at least provide some instant insight as to what you would be getting yourself into. The show doesn’t deliver to those craving cinematic elements that this segment usually aims to highlight, but considering it’s the end of the summer, many may want to forget the cooler months are upon us by sinking their teeth into a fast-paced, high-action, and relatively unpredictable Spielberg story. Yup, that’s exactly what this is…

The series picks up right in the heart of story, providing an extremely fast-paced roller coaster ride that sci-fi (and Spielberg) fans should easily enjoy.

Final Word

Without providing any spoilers, the first three seasons of the series provide A Walking Dead vibe, as a small group attempts to fend off aliens (or skidders- yeah, wasn’t too thrilled with that name selection either, but you get over it) while tirelessly on the move as they seek safety.

The fourth season is where the show takes a massive chance to keep things fresh and exciting, and while I completely understood the premise of shifting the story-arc after seeing a similar sequence over a three season span, the writers took a risk, and this risk is exactly where the large audience the show had garnished began to dwindle.

Again, you would need to get there to understand what I’m talking about, but the producers took a risk, as one would assume this risk was to assure the longevity of the show by providing something a little different. I applaud them for taking it, unfortunately the specific risk at hand likely backfired, and lead to the rapid ratings drop that forced a perhaps rushed conclusion.

However, one great aspect is the fact there is a complete story here. The show was granted a fifth season in advance to end the story that many viewers had already committed 4 years of viewership to, and while the final 2 seasons don’t live up to the extremely entertaining start to the apocalyptic series, it does ultimately provide a satisfying conclusion that many shows never have the opportunity to cease.

Spielberg, aliens, fast-paced action, and an actual conclusion… Absolutely a binge-worthy selection to make the transition into winter a tad less painful.

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