Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month

Binge of the Month will be a recurring segment under blog, “UnBiased Television” that will provide monthly TV content that has been determined (for one reason or another) to be worthy of “binging.” While mainstream shows such as Game of Thrones, The Office, Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, etc., might very well be considered a “binge worthy” piece of entertainment, the focus of this segment is to provide inconspicuous quality television.

July 2019: Black Mirror

Original Networks: Netflix (Originally a Channel 4- UK Production)

Binging: 22 Episodes (5 Seasons)

Where To Binge: Netflix

Brief Synopsis

Black Mirror dives into the unfathomable horrid that technology has the capability of presenting itself within a futuristic society. Each episode is a new installment that highlights where potential groundbreaking technological advancement presents a rigorous backfire (some far worse than others), but while each episode hold’s a unique vantage point on the overall premise, every installment provides a gripping, thoughtful, and unique tale of the “wonders” of technology.

The series provides a new story each episode, and while some are produced at a slower pace, they all end up masterfully crafting in what seems to be random context into a correlating story that makes any viewer ponder the benefits of technology within society.

Why It’s A Must Binge

It’s a must binge just off the basis of how much the show makes one think, and almost diverges completely from what your average person sees technology as today, as well as its potential future among civilization.

This show provides perspective we have not seen much of when it comes to technology in 2019. It makes one really ponder, question, and contemplate what does the future hold, and while much of it is extremely bright, a quick benefit sometimes does not outweigh the long term effect.

Final Word

Each episode stands on its own with an entire new cast of characters, plot lines, and story development; that being said, if a certain installment doesn’t quite peak your interest, this is a perfect show where skipping an episode or two is perfectly acceptable (not that you would really want to).

The series initially premiered on Channel 4 in the UK in 2014, Netflix purchased the rights to the series in 2015, and produced two six-episode seasons on top of the original two produced in the UK.

Netflix continues to produce Black Mirror related content, as they debuted a spin-off original movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in December of 2018. A fifth season of the series was just released by the streaming giant around a month ago.

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